I need revival Lord, please. I know You are the only way for me, the only Life. I am nothing without You and cannot get through a moment without You. I want You to be my everything and to fall in love with You again. God I’m so scared that I’m falling away, I cannot survive if I do. I feel like I’ve been going through this trial for so long and all it’s making me feel is tired, but I know with You I can get through it, I’m just struggling to believe that every day. I’m struggling with feelings that maybe I’ve been tricking myself and I’ve never surrendered to You. Lord, these are jabs by the devil to try to get me, I need You. God, I’m so scared and You do not give us a spirit of fear. Please save me from my trials, rescue me from this sea. Please strengthen my faith and help me to live out my faith in Christ every day. Please guide me where to go and how to practice Your word every day and I pray that I would follow. Please rescue me, You’ve done it before, please save me God. You’re my only hope, please keep me steadfast. I love you Lord, please grow my love. In Christ’s name. Amen.