Help to Forgive

Father please help me. I have a wall up around my heart. It’s shattered and these past few years have been full of pain, disappointment, broken dreams and lots of stress. I trust You but I’m also afraid of You because of all the things I see happening around me. On a daily basis, I see people drinking and drugging their lives away and it hurts my heart so deeply because I feel helpless. I do share You with the people around me but we get up lots of mornings to a backyard full of beer bottles that belong to others. Just the other day our neighbor had drank and drugged so much that he felt like his heart was going to explode. We try to be there for people Jesus but sometimes it’s so much. We’re mocked because we do share Jesus as our only hope to overcome. Please restore the joy of our salvation. Please do not allow any of our prayers, tears or pain go to waste. So many are looking for love in all the wrong places. Please Jesus help them find You. Please also help my ex husband find You too. He’s lost and only You can help him. Please cover and keep our children. Lord please cover and keep me too. I’ve come to the end of myself and I need You in Jesus name. Please pour out Your love in all of our hearts please. It’s not by our might or strength but it’s only by Your Spirit. We need Your Holy Spirit to help us.