For The Arnold Family

Father, I pray that You would move in their hearts. I ask that You take away their stony hearts and give them a heart of flesh. It’s so easy to pick and choose parts of Your word to obey and then to ignore the other parts, but You said if we offend in one part, that we are guilty of breaking it all. You’ve called us to a higher righteousness because of Jesus, and He’s able to sympathize with us because He lived an earthly life. He knows first hand and yet He did not sin. It’s why Jesus is able to be our way of escape during temptations because He was willing to endure. He was willing to suffer. We don’t want to suffer. So I ask for your help Father for all of us in Jesus name. We need Your spirit if we are going to overcome. We need You so much more than we know. Please help us we pray in Jesus name.