For Mrs. Flo, Mrs. Katherine, Her Family And Mom, Mrs. Carolyn, The Man Who Had Covid,

Father, please protect this precious elderly lady. Be her everything I pray. I pray for Mrs. Katherine, her family, and mom who’s been in and out of facilities and is having a tough time. I pray for Mrs. Katherine too who is feeling the weight of it. Please help them. I pray for Mrs. Carolyn who seems to be being swallowed by fear. Help her anxious heart to rest on You. I pray for the man who had Covid and professed being there caused him to call out to You for help. Thank You Jesus because You know what we need to be reminded that You are God and we are not. I also pray for our neighbors to turn to You. People are panicked and fearful and yet Your arms are fully extended. The thief on the cross simply said “remember me” and Your response was that day he would be with You in paradise. We love and thank You Jesus.