For Mrs. Brown, The Teachers And Children At Her Daycare

Father, if they don’t know You, I pray they come to know You. You said children are a heritage from You. You also said suffer not the children to come unto You and to forbid them not. Another reference You gave is we must become like children if we desire to inherit Your kingdom. We must be teachable, easy to forgive and always willing to give and show love. As adults, we forget, struggle and wrestle with this because of the trials of life but You’ve placed children all around us to point us back to You. Help us to appreciate the beauty of being a child. They are fearless, full of hope, innocent and a beautiful reflection of You. They trust easily. Please help us Jesus to be Your children in this broken world. Help us to give of our time,talents and resources without a desire to make our name known because Yours is the only One worthy. It’s Your work that we are doing when Your spirit lives in us. Please cover and protect Your children I pray in Jesus name. You are the only Lamb worthy of any worship. Thank You Jesus for being our God. Besides You, there is no other.