For Mr. Charles Daughter Kelly, For Nika, For Mary, For Ezekiel, For The Lady At TJMaxx, For Myself And My Family

Father, I just ask for help. I pray for salvation. I pray for the level of anxiety and stress that we are all facing because of all the challenges we are having today. I pray for a son who is not born again it seems and says such wicked, hateful and disrespectful things out of his mouth. I pray for the ones constantly asking why I’m not wearing a mask because I no longer live my life in fear. I trust that the God who has brought me this far will continue to carry me home. I pray for those who don’t know You, Jesus, and the enemy uses them to spew hatred and lies. These vicious words are coming from the mouth of my own son. Jesus, please help and keep me I pray. You said in the last days perilous times would come and my son is disobedient to me as his mom. He’s disrespectful, rude and full of every wicked thing. He wants to keep company with wicked people and I am trying to raise him to honor the Lord. Jesus Please help our family. It is me Lord standing in the need of prayer.