For Missy, King, Their Family and Generational Curses

Father, I ask in Jesus name that You will show that You are the only One able to provide healing, comfort, restoration and redemption. I pray for the tragic loss of King’s dad. I pray for the guilt that Missy is experiencing. Lord I ask that You would help her to turn to You. Please let her know she did the right thing. Father, thank You for sparing her life and giving her the opportunity to be there for her son. Thank You Jesus that her life was not lost too. Perhaps she’s buried under so many lies that she can’t hear Your truth, but I pray in Jesus name for deliverance and wholeness to be found on the wide road. Satan has only one purpose for her. It is to steal, to kill, to destroy and to take her to hell but Jesus came so she could have life and that she could have it more abundantly. I pray let God arise and His enemies be scattered. I pray for salvation, love and breakthrough in Jesus name. Father only You can take a mess and make a beautiful message of redemption. I pray for Missy, for King and for their family in Jesus name. You, Lord, are more than enough. Please be glorified in their lives during this painful time. You came so they could have life and have it more abundantly. We trust You Jesus.