For Heather, Her Mother and Children, Birdy, Mrs. Sharon, Mr. Milton, Latifah and Caitlyn

Father, I thank You for allowing Heather to be present with her mother yesterday. Thank You for allowing me to see You answer prayer at exactly the right moment. You hear Your people. Please lead and guide their family and help them to find You. I pray for Me. Milton and his aggression because he doesn’t have or know You. I pray for the couple at Publix yesterday because the husband was injured and barely able to walk. I also pray for Latifah who may be going through difficulty but may be having a hard time saying it. Please let her know You love her and died for her and You are more than the entire world against her. I also pray for Caitlyn and pray that she comes to know You. Our heart and flesh may fail but You are the strength of my heart. Keep us and lead us home we pray in Jesus name. The steps of a good man are always ordered by the Lord. Help us to stand and having done all to stand in Jesus name.