Daughter Of God

Thank you, Father, for your pouring out your Holy Spirit on the earth. May your Church believe and receive the full measure of the amazing grace of God, the Holy Spirit’s work in and through us.

Holy Spirit, control and influence every cell of my flesh as well as the entire Body’s flesh. God our Father, you promised in the last days, you’d pour out your Spirit on all flesh…all people, and we’d be completely yielded to your holy, loving and powerful Spirit. Open hearts to receive all of you. For Jesus Christ our Lord’s sake, may it be so. We cry out and ask for this great spring rain to continue to fall as we live in this wilderness. Holy Spirit move in love and power in your Church, on our families and friends, on the poor, the captives, the blind and the oppressed. Open eyes. Open ears. Open hearts. Call those living in darkness into your light, the Kingdom of God.

Bring us to authentic repentance, confession and full obedience. May we receive refreshing new life—Christ’s life—in your holy presence, preparing and equipping us for the restoration of all things before your royal return, King Jesus. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be on all God holy people. In the name and authority given by Jesus may we overcome evil with good. Keep us faithful to you alone during this time of trial and tribulation. Amen.