Please help me understand what God wants to use me for in this time of needed revival. I starting noticing the clock every single day at 7:14, signs with those number… not to mention I was born on July 14th. It started almost three years ago and I watched for answers as to why these numbers were “haunting” me. It took me until this past January to find your website and app that explained the twice daily prayers. I must have been in tune spiritually with the prayers and didn’t realize it. I also just found the movie – The Trump Prophecy this past week that focuses on the same verse and a call to revival. I even notice other hours on the 14th minute – perhaps other time zones praying. I have a strong sense that God wants me to do something with all of this, but I don’t know what other than to pray. I must say that I’ve been a little superstitious and afraid foe the last two birthdays as I thought the numbers were a warning sign that something terrible was going to happen on my birthday. Now, I’m trying to focus on the positive “call” in this, but being that I turn 40 this year on 7.14.21- I’m a little nervous. The number sequence and the significance of 40 throughout the Bible… anyway, please pray for me that I figure out what God is trying to tell me and that I have enough faith to answer the call.